One Nation
One People
One Voice

To bring all Igbo unions worldwide under one umbrella, to protect Igbo Interests, and speak with one voice on all matters that concern ndi Igbo in our homeland and in the diaspora.

About Us

One Nation. One People.One Voice

Igbo Union is not a Social Club. Igbo Union is for every Igbo son and daughter. Therefore every Igbo son or daughter is a member of the Igbo Union. All you have to do is register with your town/community/state organization.

Our Mission

To provide a forum to discuss and monitor the larger issue of the political well-being of Ndi Igbo while remaining non-partisan


To Promote and maintain Igbo Cultural Heritage


To promote Peace and Understanding among Ndi Igbo globally as we pursue justice, freedom and liberty.



Can be A member

All Igbo(By Blood or Marriage)

Lone Individual

Our Sister Who Are married to other nation

Membership Registration Through one of:

Village, Town, or Cultural group or LGA and State group (Grassroots organizations)

Meeting Agenda

One Nation.One People

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