Igbo Union ISC Meeting Notes


2 months ago

Attendees: Ike Orji, Ray Chimezie, Peter Ijeoma, Tony Ihejeto, David Iphie, Paul
Oha, Ted Ozurumba, Chinwe Okoli, Chika Mbakogu, Godwin Osuji, Nelly
Osuji, Emeka Maduewesi, Uche Chris Okpalaugo, Uche Okereke (by


  1. Call to Order/Opening prayer
  2. Brief Remark by Ike Orji
  3. Assessment of our methods and tactics in the last 8 months and review our
  4. Critique the method and come up with an improved approach and/or better
    ways to maximize results in the future
  5. Discuss the merit of Registering Igbo Union before the formal kick-off date in
  6. Matters arising
  7. General
  8. Choosing the next meeting date/adjournment and closing prayer

The meeting formally opened at about 3:45 p.m. The Chairman, Ike Orji asked Dr Ray to lead in prayers. Kola from Peter Ijeoma was presented to the house by Ike Orji and after our due traditional observation, we shared kola nuts. The Chairman invited our brother David Iphie (who pleaded to be excused to attend
another meeting) to share his thoughts with us before he leaves. David Iphie talked about us not forgetting our objectives for this body and NdiIgbo employing us to keep the faith and be more determined to succeed. He encouraged us to not delay registering the organization, as we will never have every Igbo man and woman on board on day 1. The Chairman followed this with a brief talk on the journey so far and harped on the inspiration for forming this organization. This he identified as happenings back home and the coming on stage by Nnamdi Kanu. In his remarks the Chairman made clear that we had not followed our initial instincts and procedures religiously, we have not been assessing our efforts as we set out to do and pointed out we are at the right time to start taking stock as we progress. The need to step back and take this assessment is then the reason for our meeting today. Dr Ray spoke next and very much in support of what Ike Orji had said with more advice and encouragement, asking us to move forward. Mazi Tony Ihejeto took us down history lane end on the same note – the need to
register our organization so we have a legal footing for setting fort our organizational structure and agenda. Mrs Chinwe Okoli expressed the lack of understanding of our rules, who is or can be a member, our objectives and generally why we seem unprepared. To these, the Chairman assured her that we are working and that these are why we have this assessment meeting. Mazi Godwin Osuji asked that we move on with registering the organization expressing the same opinion that we cannot wait for the time when everyone will be on board. Mazi Ted Ozurumba advised us and promised us his support.
The debate on whether we should register now was extensive, and emotions were not short. Mazi Uche advised that now may not be the right time. Mazi Uche Chris Okpalaugo expressed his misgiving with the urgency for registering though he is not against registering now. In the end, we took a vote. Of the 11 individuals present at the time of voting, 9 were yes votes, 1 abstention and 1 non-committal. The Chairman asked Emeka Maduewesi, Tony Ihejeto and Peter Ijeoma to work on registering the organization – Igbo Union. He also informed the house that we have purchased the domain name IgboUnion.com for our website. Mazi Chika Mbakogu and Paul Oha separately called on us to start writing down our rules and set up a constitution committee. This was emphasized by Mazi Uche Chris Okpalaugo and Mrs Chinwe Okoli. It was also discussed that before our next meeting, we should set ground rules that will help facilitate our discussion, especially on talking time that is allowed to each individual and on each topic. The idea of having a conference call as an option during our meeting was also discussed and Mazi Peter Ijeoma promised to work on providing Skype for the next meeting. At about 8:00 p.m., the chair called for adjournment. Chika Mbakogu led us in closing prayers.

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08/05/2018 3:00 pm

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2018-05-08 18:00:00

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2265 Railroad Ave Pittsburg CA 94565

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