Minutes of meeting held on Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018 in Pittsburg


2 months ago

  1. The meeting started at 3:40 pm, with a call to order by Chief Ike Orji, and Opening prayers by Dr Ray Chimezie.
  2. Brief remark by the Coordinator: Chief Orji explained the following; That the current administration will serve for one year only.
    Called attention to ground rules which state the following; (the document was distributed at the meeting.)
    • There will be a provost and a meeting coordinator
    • Please raise your hand and wait to be recognized by the provost, or coordinator if you wish to speak on an ongoing discussion
    • You may speak for only 2 minutes, or as permitted by the coordinator
    • You may not speak more than two times on the same topic, but the primary sponsor of the topic may be given additional time to speak.
    • Agenda of the day will be strictly adhered to. You are encouraged to raise new topics during Matters Arising.
    • If necessary, votes may be called to decide on an issue.
  3. Expansion of existing Committee memberships:
    • Mr Paul Oha expatiated on Committee functions and formations:
    • Committees need unique individuals who can devise approachable methods of recruitment
    • Committee members must be current members of the IGBO Union meeting
    • Members are expected to volunteer and feel free to join a committee
    • Mazi Charles Okereke advised that Mazi Victor Ezekwo and himself be included in the Membership Committee.
    • Mazi Stanley Okoh asked if committee members are given guidelines as to their functions, to which Chief Orji explained that we already have guidelines based on resolutions arrived at various meetings. Mazi Emeka Maduewesi, chair of Constitution
    • Committee mentioned that we have guidelines on Constitution we are working on and that we all have access to read and comment on the Constitution.
  4. Diplomatic, Cultural & Social linkages with leaders and organizations in the USA. (Strategy on how to make friends here in the US):
    • Members are encouraged to get involved in politics and make connections with local politicians. Examples are Diane Feinstein, as well as politicians in Washington.
    • Dr Chimezie informed us about how he worked with a City of Richmond mayoral candidate even before the November election.
    • When a member suggested that make contact with politicians as a union (Igbo Union) instead of individually, Chief Maduewesi explained that having a non-profit association status is what we can do now, that we cannot go political as a Cultural Association, but that individuals can, and are free to set up meetings with politicians, then invite all of us.
    • Mazi Uche Okereke thinks that we need to have a subsidiary of this organization to handle the political aspects and create links to politicians and economic entities/bodies.
    • Chief Nwigwe cautioned that we need to be mindful of spies, that the former World Igbo Congress had spies who caused problems for that organization. He also said that our goal should include having representations in this country so that our voices can be heard and we get recognition. Mr Paul Oha also encouraged us to join church committees
    • Other suggestions regarding spies and how to get recognized include;
      • Setting up the structure so that from membership to leadership, the individuals would be vetted and tested
      • That we give particular information about Ndi Igbo in the form of a booklet/magazine/etc.
      • That we create levels of membership so that not all members attend all meetings.
      • A suspected spy can be withdrawn from a delegate
      • Create a strategic committee to target at the Federal level
      • Voting will also help eliminate some problems.
    • Chief Ike Orji announced that we are creating a Diplomatic Committee to be headed by
    • Dr Ray Chimezie said that anyone who is interested to serve in the committee submit his/her name to Dr Chimezie.
    • Chief Orji also announced that we cannot have any electronic recording devices at any meetings and that if we ever have one, it must be announced, and the device must be
  5. Strategic Membership drive & Registration fees:
    • Members advised that we get women to join this organization
    • That we pursue collecting dues from other organizations and submit them to the Central organization
    • To have each association pay a certain amount each year towards this Igbo Union
    • Mazi Peter Ijeoma suggested that we let the Membership Committee strategize, and then let us know what they come up with.
    • Chief Orji also explained the role of the membership committee which will primarily be to come up with the best method to reach all existing Igbo organizations here in Northern California. He further said that the plan will include creating a directory of these organizations, stating their names, their leaderships, and dates of their meetings and device a generic talking point on our official letterhead. Members will be sent out to these organizations to explain to them and invite them to send us delegates with a letter of Invitation.
  6. & 7: Matters arising/Open Forum:
  7. Chief Ike Orji talked about the need to rebuild the Igbo Image to the world because our nemesis has done a lot of damage and distortions about who really is in the diplontic quarters; he said within the next 2 years we will have a media/documentary of the Igbo people of Nigeria to be aired on CNN, CBS and many other news outlets/media, tell the world our stories, how we helped built Nigeria and our contributions to the world at large from as far back as possible to date and by this, the world will know us and will be willing to help us. Our kids will also be proud of their heritage, and we really need to redefine ourselves to the world. Chief Sam Nwigwe thought that this is a great idea, he talked about what happened when slavery ended in the world but continued in our place and many Igbos who were not shipped out remained in the old Rivers State of Nigeria and many do not know or believe that they are really Igbos.
    • Mazi Iheanyichukwu Ozurumba reiterated that we must remember our fellow Igbos in the homeland, the need to align ourselves with people who can help us, that we need to get attention from various organizations, politicians, etc
    • Mazi Chinedu Orji believes that Igbo survival depends on Igbos in the USA and that The Igbo documentary is a great idea. He asked us to remember the sufferings of our people in the homeland.
    • Many members stressed the importance of connecting with politicians and having IGBO Day for awareness and exposure.
    • Mazi Victor Ezekwo mentioned the necessity for benefits, which do not have to be monetary, that it can be as simple as expressions of sympathy, etc.
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30/09/2018 3:40 pm

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2018-09-30 19:20:00

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2287 Railroad Avenue, Pittsburg, CA.

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