Steering Committee Meeting Agenda


2 months ago


(1) Promote Igbo Unity and Advance Igbo Interests All Over the World.

(2) Creating an enduring and organized Ndi Igbo in Northern California Structure, capable of meeting current and future challenges in our world.

(3) The long-term goal is to organize and collaborate with Ndi Igbo in North America to meet the same set of challenges.

Notable Statements from the Previous Meeting: “Igbos need to speak with one voice or our many voices will become empty noise to our opponents”. “We need to bequeath a viable structure to generations after us or they we will assimilate to a point of irrelevance to
themselves and our homeland.” “We need to expose our youths to a strong Igbo identity and to one another or risk losing them.” “We must come together for the sake of our children and failure is not an option.” Igbos are without leaders right now, marooned abroad and back home, and we have to
find leadership or risk total irrelevance.” “Igbos are unique and we find ourselves in a very unique circumstance in history. It either we recognize our worth and rise up to the challenges or fold to extinction as a culturally identifiable political unit in this world.” “ As a group, we stand a good chance of being relevant and we should not be afraid.” “We need to dig deep and ask ourselves why Igbo organizations failed here and back home.” “Surely, future generations will blame our ineptitude and lack of foresight, if we fail to make the right decisions now.”
I. Call to order / Opening prayers
II. Getting to know ourselves (Attendees Introduce themselves)
III. Attendance Sheet Circulation
IV. Open Issues / Agenda

a) Opening statements on Why “IGBO UNION NORTHERN CALIFORNIA” ;
b) Review the outcome of the General Igbo meeting. ( lessons learned and improvements needed);
c) Discuss the official invitation of Igbo Town Union officials to a meeting with the steering committee;
d) Discuss progress on the survey questionnaire;
e) Review and update general meeting handouts – Leadership Structure;
f) Review and update general meeting handouts – Meeting Ground Rules;
g) Review and update general meeting handouts – Proposed Mission, Vision and Goals;
h) Discuss meeting entertainment and venue costs;
i) Prepare agenda for the February 2018 general meeting;
j) Other Business of the day (Matters Arising);
k) Next meeting date and venue / Adjournment / Close prayers.

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Meeting Details

Start Date

26/01/2018 7:30 pm

End Date

2018-01-26 21:30:00

Event Venue

600 Greystone Drive Antioch CA 94509

Event Organizer


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